What is the Dress Code?

Occasionally, recruiting events do not include a dress code on the information details or the invitation, which can create confusion. Here is a list of the generally accepted dress code at common recruiting-related events. In general, if a  dress code is not specified, it is recommended that you dress business casual or business formal – never casual!

  • Information session –>  business casual
  • Networking event (daytime) –> business casual
  • Networking event (nighttime) –> smart casual
  • Lunch event –> business casual
  • Dinner event –> smart casual
  • Drinks/cocktail event –> business formal
  • Career fair –> business formal
  • Interview –> business formal
  • Super day –> business formal
  • Cel(ebration) weekend –> business formal or business casual depending on the events

In general, it is key to keep in mind the company and industry’s culture and ambience to determine the dress code and it is completely appropriate to ask a recruiter!


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